Barnes & Noble closed at the end of 2012. Abington's population is declining, while western Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia counties are growing. Click here to learn what RMCA is doing about it with Abington Township officials >

Innovation & Growth Initiative: Montgomery County Benchmark

Montgomery CountyLearn about Abington's Next Century. To access a white paper that compares Abington to the rest of Montgomery County, click here >

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High school seniors who have volunteered their time and talents to the community are recognized with scholarships. A joint effort with Abington Community Taskforce (ACT) is inspired by former RMCA president Julie Greenbaum, who was a model for service to the community. Learn more >

Barnes & Noble is closing

Barnes & Noble is closing

Encouraging Civic Enagagement

RMCA Past President Paul Aloe mourned
A memorial service will be at 1 p.m. Monday, April 14, at the Abington Friends Meeting, 520 Meetinghouse Rd., Jenkintown, PA

Paul E. Aloe, 87, a civic leader and businessman, died Monday, April 7, of sepsis at Abington Memorial Hospital.

A resident of Abington for 57 years, Mr. Aloe was one of the founders of the Abington Township Republican Organization and served as its chairman in the 1970s.

Paul AloeHe was a former president of the Rydal-Meadowbrook Civic Association. He helped create the association's Julie Greenbaum Memorial Award, which recognizes the community service of high school seniors through college scholarship money.

"He inspired and mentored many generations of civic leaders and fought for many civic causes in Abington," said his son, Paul H. Mr. Aloe had owned a small business, E. Hubschman & Sons Inc., a tannery at Orianna and Willow Streets in Philadelphia, founded by his wife's family. He started on the factory floor and worked his way up to president. The tannery, known in the 1930s for its ladies' shoes, closed in 1967.

"I can remember as a boy walking with him past a pile of skins," his son said. "He made a wallet out of a piece of leather with his hands."

Perhaps fittingly, Mr. Aloe later turned his love for the aloe vera, a tropical plant native to Africa, into a company, Magic of Aloe, based in Pennsauken. The plant has a cooling gel in its central stalks. Starting in 1971, Mr. Aloe sold products derived from the gel for first aid, cosmetics, and skin care.

"He loved to drink aloe vera juice, which he did daily throughout his life, and never showed up to a family function without a bag full of green soaps made with aloe gel," his son said. Click here to see his full obituary >


If friends and family would like to donate to a scholarship fund in memory of Paul Aloe, checks can be sent to:

 Abington Senior High School
Attn: Mrs. DeGregorio, Office of the Principal
900 Highland Avenue
Abington, PA 19001


RMCA 2014 events

The big question is simple: Why are people leaving and what can be done to reverse the situation in Abington? The answer may not be so simple.


The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) produced an eleven point plan for the region. In several areas, Abington is falling behind.

Click here to read an overview of the Innovation & Growth & Initiative and access a white paper on projected growth of Abington 2000-2013 >line 

STEMRMCA White Paper 2:
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are in Demand    
College degrees are very expensive and do not always lead to employment. However, some degrees are more likely to lead to success (and repaying student loans) than others. Pharmacology, nursing, transportation sciences, treatment therapies, chemical and electrical engineering, medical technologies, construction services, management information systems and medical assisting technologies are best.

Download RMCA White Paper 2 here >


Abington SealAbington is one the largest townships in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. RMCA pays close attention to proposals that may impact our safety and property rights and proactively works to improve the community as a whole. The organization collaborates with other groups to maximum our impact. Learn more about local municipal government and schools on the RMCA web site.line

The 2012 Abington Traffic Summit was productive
RMCA presented the Summit on May 14 and Penn State Abington hosted it at Sutherland Auditorium. Special thanks to Township Assistant Manager Matthew Lahaza for his detailed explanations of traffic technologies and studies. Click here to learn more about the Summit



If you have not already ordered a rain barrel, it is not too late!
RMCA has worked closely with Meadowbrook Bird Sanctuary and Abington Township Environmental Advisory Committee to offer rain barrels to members of the community. DISCOUNT TO RMCA MEMBERS!

 Go to: http://www.rydal-meadowbrook.org/order-rain-barrels

Fall TourThe Fall Tour was a success. It was guided by OYR Historical Society president David Rowland and approximately 50 members attended. The tour focused on the architecture and landscaping of Fairacres, a once grand estate in Abington designed by Wilson Eyre.  Learn more about architect Wilson Eyre here >

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