Montgomery County was founded in 1784. The court house is in Norristown.

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Montgomery County

sealMontgomery is the third largest County in Pennsylvania with a population estimated at 770,774 (according to the most recent U.S. Census estimate), larger than the states of Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska and North Dakota and the District of Columbia. With a rich history that pre-dates the Revolution, Montgomery County has developed from east to west over the centuries and includes highly urbanized centers, quaint villages and rich rural farmland. Visit Montgomery County maps here. Learn more about County government at: www.montcopa.org 

The County Commissioners oversee a government with annual revenues and expenditures in excess of $500 million. The array of services and programs provided to citizens include parks and historic sites, a network of recreational trails, a criminal justice system and judiciary recognized as one of the Commonwealth’s finest, a respected community college and a range of human services. Montgomery County has a AAA Bond Rating, the highest possible rating from the financial markets. Montgomery County is one of less than 30 counties in the nation to receive this rating. 

The County has three elected Commissioners: 

Chairman of the County Commissioners  
Josh Shapiro 

Vice Chairman of the County Commissioners  
Leslie Richards

Montgomery County Commissioner  
Bruce L. Castor, Jr.  

Office of the Commissioners
One Montgomery Plaza, 8th Floor, Suite 800
Norristown, PA

Phone Number: 278-3020
Fax Number: 278-5943  

In addition, there are 30 District Courts in Montgomery County. The local office:  

Abington District Magisterial Judge
John D. Kessler
1150 Old York Road
Abington, PA

Phone: 215-887-2362
Fax: 215-887-2364  

These courts are the first tier of the Pennsylvania United Judicial System. Each district elects a Magisterial District Judge, who may be an attorney or lay person (non-lawyer). A map of all Magisteral District Court Offices is on the Montgomery County web site: Click here  

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Click here to see additional maps of Montgomery County in the Community section of this RMCA web site. Most of these maps have been aggregated from the U.S. National Atlas. They include congressional districts, watersheds, toxics releases inventory, forrest cover, hazardous waste handlers, railroad routes and Amtrak stations, urban areas and night lights.

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